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The amount of securities sold at that price will usually be specified alongside.

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At Best An instruction to a broker to buy or sell at the best available rate. Available Line The maximum amount of asset units available.

Averaging Down The practice of buying shares in a company at a price that is lower than the price one paid in the past for the same share — decreasing the average entry price of held shares Balance The amount of funds in an account before opening any positions. Base Currency The first currency mentioned in a currency pair — one unit of which can be purchased for an amount of secondary currency units, as specified by the value of the pair.

In this case, 1. Bear Market A market of decreasing security value, reinforced by and reinforcing investor forex ru realtime. As investors seek to sell securities, the prices of these securities decrease even more.

The amount of securities purchased at that price lot size will usually be specified alongside. Bitcoin Bitcoin is a virtual or digital currency — part of an online financial exchange system that is based on the transfer of encrypted information between users over the internet. Break-Even Point The point at which an investment aimed at generating revenue forex ru realtime returns, equaling the cost of entering the investment. Broker Ratings A system of evaluating and assessing brokers, usually based on client input and performance.

Bull Market A market of increasing security value, reinforced by and reinforcing investor optimism and confidence. As investors seek to purchase securities, the prices of those securities increase even more.

Buy Limit A pending buy order with the value placed below market price. If the ask price reaches the specified level, a long position is opened. Buy Stop A pending buy order with the value placed above the market price. Each candlestick represents a specified time-frame.

Each candlestick also indicates opening price, closing price, maximum price and minimum price for that time-frame. Carry Trade Borrowing usually money at a comparatively low interest rate, then converting it into another currency that offers a higher interest rate, and depositing forex forex ru realtime realtime for interest. Charts A forex ru realtime representation of data that usually provides qualitative and quantitative information.

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The 4 most common types are histogram, bar, pie and line charts. An opposing transaction to an existing position with the intention of closing liquidating the initial position.

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Closing Price The price at which a security closes at the end of a trading session, remaining at that level until the commencement of trading on the following trading session. Commodity Basic goods usually used as inputs in the manufacture of products or provision of forex ru realtime. The most common traded commodities are gold, silver and oil. Contract Size A standardized measure of financial instruments, which varies by asset class, traded on an exchange.

Core Retail Sales A major indicator of U. They reflect consumer spending, forex ru realtime automobile and petrol sales, and assist in calculating price indices, economic activity and GDP. Cover Closing out an existing position in a financial instrument with an opposing transaction. Credit The extension of financial resources to be repaid at a later date. Currency Pair The basic currency transaction is comprised of two currencies involved in a currency change — one being sold, the other being purchased.

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The agency responsible for regulating the Cyprus Stock Forex ru realtime, it also issues licenses to investment firms and brokers operating therein. A member of the European Union, Cyprus attracts numerous retail brokerages as a pan-European licensing agency. Economic Indicator Economic data usually macroeconomic that indicate the health of an economy and its financial market.

The most pertinent are those forex ru realtime on a regular basis by government agencies regarding inflation, GDP, employment and prices of major commodities such as crude oil. The network automatically matches orders between buyers and sellers. Equity The amount of funds held by a financial entity or its net value after all liabilities have been paid.

In trading, the value of securities minus the brokerage input. In forex ru realtime trading, the total amount deposited by an investor from which collateral against a trade is set aside. In the last case it reflects net forex ru realtime and loss in real-time.

EUREX With over 1, instruments traded, the European Exchange, run by the German Bourse, is the largest dealer of European derivatives in the world and one of the most technologically innovative. Congress with maximizing employment, stabilizing prices and maintaining long-term interest rates.

It also conducts federal monetary research and policy, regulates banking institutions and provides monetary services to other financial institutions and U. Fill The fill price is the execution price of a securities or commodities order, agreed upon by the buyer and the seller, once the transaction has been completed.

Inafter opening a second trading floor in Dublin, Ireland, FINEX became the first exchange agency to be active on two continents. Fiscal Policy The use of government income revenues mostly taxation, but also printing money, taking out loans or consuming reserves and spending to affect the economy. Fiscal policy may be neutral when the economy is balanced, expansionary during a recession or contractionary when the economy is expanding, mostly to pay off debts.

Fixed-Income A type of investment based on regular and fixed payments by the borrower. Such securities generally offer a lower return on investment ROIsince income is pledged.

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If not executed, the entire order is immediately cancelled. The FOK is quite rare and usually involves large quantities of stock. The foreign exchange market is global, decentralized and not bound by time constraints. Fundamental Analysis An analysis form based on identifying the intrinsic value of an asset.

This forex ru realtime of analysis relies on real-world indicators and events, such as economic indicators GDP, employment, interest ratespolicymaker and business leader statements, and other current affairs. They can be a result of either fundamental or technical adjustments and will either fill prices return to previous levels or not. Changes in GDP are typically measured quarterly or annually, but occasionally monthly.

Hedging may be undertaken through a variety of financial instruments stocks, ETFs, forwards, swaps, options and other derivatives.

Forex ru realtime Volatility Statistical Volatility Financial volatility describes the price fluctuation of a financial instrument from its average price.

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Untilthe HKFE dealt in futures and options for underlying stocks, indices, currencies and interest rates. Holder The owner of a financial instrument Illiquid Market A market in which assets are difficult to buy and sell because of a small number of buyers and sellers.

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This may be a result of an asset that is highly valued but hard to sell in a swift manner due to the price requiring a significant discounta lack of potential buyers, or any other reason. Illiquid options are usually those whose expiration dates are distant. Index pl. Instant Execution A transaction that is immediately executed based on the asset value currently quoted in the forex ru realtime.

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Institutional investor An organization not banks or financial services companies that trades in large quantities, thus gaining access to preferential treatment, low commissions and other benefits. Institutions most often include insurance companies, pension funds and other entities that govern major savings or demonstrate large cash flows.

They are regulated to a lesser degree but also protected to a lesser degree by regulatory safeguards.

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Instrument Any asset that can be traded between two parties, including money, documented proof of ownership or interest, and a bonded agreement to receive or sell an interest. The two main forms of financial instruments are cash-bound securities, bonds, bills, stock, loans or deposits forex ru realtime value is determined by the market, and derivatives futures, options, swaps and forwardswhich derive their value from their underlying assets either cash-bound instruments, indices or interest rates.

Derivatives may be traded through an exchange or over-the-counter.


Investment Amount The amount one invests in forex ru realtime transaction. The first fully computerized options forex ru realtime in the U. Last Dealing Time The final hour of the last trading day for a книги по бинарные опционы to be placed for an instrument.

Last Trading Day The last day upon which a futures contract must be closed out before cash settlement or the underlying asset is actually delivered. Either the commodity or its cash value is then transferred between trading parties. It enables traders to place a position whose value is higher than the amount of money at their immediate disposal, by using a short-term credit allowance. Following the abolishment of foreign currency controls in Britain inLIFFE was established as a futures exchange, becoming the largest in Europe in It was acquired by the New York Stock Exchange increating NYSE Euronext — forex ru realtime first global multi-national Euro-American financial services corporation that operates several equity exchanges throughout the world.

Limit Order A limit forex ru realtime is a pending order that entails buying or selling an asset a currency pair, CFD, stock forex ru realtime or commodity when it reaches a pre-specified price: Once forex ru realtime price is hit, the order is triggered and the position is opened. Line Chart A line forex ru realtime plots the value movement of an underlying asset over a selected time period. Liquidity The ability of an asset to be sold without a major discount.

As a measurement, it is the ratio between speed of sale and going price. A market is considered to be liquid if it displays many bids and offers coupled with low spreads and volatility — thereby facilitating trade.

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Forex is considered the most liquid market of all, with deals related to U. A commodities exchange that offers options and futures contracts on metals and plastics, as well as hedging and delivery services. Forex ru realtime offering open outcry bidding, it also hosts a telephone and computerized system.

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Historically, before the establishment of its predecessor, the Royal Exchange, trading was conducted in coffee houses. A long position becomes profitable if market prices rise before the closing of the position. Lot Size Unit of measurement used to determine trade size. The quantity of an instrument denoted by a lot varies by asset class.

Before its establishment, traders operated in coffee houses, since they were not allowed to enter the Royal Exchange est. Margin Margin Requirement Margin can refer to either 1. This protects the client from falling into negative balance.

Market Execution Forex ru realtime Transaction forex ru realtime, in which the order is filled at the best forex ru realtime price. If not available, the order is executed at the closest available price. Please correct the errors below and try again. Your account was not created.

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